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SURE Marketing Plan

  • MARKETING is the third area where SURE puts a great deal of emphasis when listing a home, luxury estate, townhome, condo or lot.  Our marketing plan typically incorporates three primary elements:

Traditional Marketing

This refers to fundamental marketing techniques such as as creating a superior MLS listing which will drive the most potential buyers to your listing.  As well, it incorporates other basic marketing techniques such as photography, signage, brochures, open houses, print advertising, etc.  To recap here are the the elements of traditional marketing that SURE employs:

  • Superior MLS Listing
  • Professional Photography (including aerial photography when necessary)
  • Signage on or in the property
  • Professionally designed property brochures or "Listing Sheets"
  • Open Houses
  • Print advertising*

* (when applicable)  Please understand, one of the many "secrets" in real estate marketing is that almost all print advertising is actually designed to "get more listings" for the real estate agent placing the ad, not to actually sell the home in the ad.  This is why you might see a full page ad with a dozen of one agent's listings and 10 will say sold, one will say pending, and only one will actually be for sale.  Statistics show that print advertising is a dying method as more and more people go to the Internet to get their news and information. This is why we will place a lot more emphasis on Internet related advertising.  However, when it serves our client's best interests we have created print ad campaigns and placed print ads in the following publications:

  • Dream Homes Magazine San Diego
  • Dream Homes Magazine Orange County
  • Dream Homes Magazine Los Angeles
  • Dream Homes Magazine California
  • Mega Dream Homes
  • Dream Homes International
  • Distinctive Homes San Diego
  • Rob Report Luxury Homes
  • Wall Street Journal
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • North County Times
  • San Diego Business Journal
  • Rancho Santa Fe Review
  • Del Mar Times
  • La Jolla Light
  • Carmel Valley News
  • Ranch and Coast Magazine

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Superior photography as depicted in this SURE listing photo ensures that your property is seen in the best possible light.
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91% projected for 2010
Though "old media" advertising has its place in some campaigns, we make sure that you are optimizing "new media", meaning massive online exposure for your listing.  We employ the latest technology to ensure your property will be seen!
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Short Sales in San Diego
Short Sale - Listing Your Home When You Owe More Than It's Worth

In today's real estate market in San Diego short sales are a fact of life.  No communities have been spared.  Even if you owe more than your home is worth, there are still options.  It is CRITICAL that you work with a Broker that is HIGHLY EXPERIENCED in short sales and will be personally involved every step of the way.  Don't let the bank foreclose, instead sell your home and avoid the serious credit and financial ramifications of a foreclosure!  Please visit the Short Sale page of our website for more information and frequently asked questions about short sales.
SURE Real Estate - "Triple-Play" Listing Strategy

  • PRICING refers to listing your home at a dollar amount that will attract the most offers while still maximizing the amount of money we get for your home.  If you under-price your home you will be leaving money on the table, if you over-price your home it will not sell...and will likely eventually sell for less than it would have if it were strategically priced to begin with.  At SURE we employ a variety of methods to determine where to price your home for an optimal amount and sell it in as short a time frame as possible.  When you contact us, we will explain exactly what we do differently to determine the optimal list price for your home.

  • NEGOTIATION skills are one of the most important skills a real estate agent can possess.  Unfortunately, it is a skill that most agents have very little training in.  Ironically, getting a real estate license has NOTHING to do with being able to actually negotiate a transaction (in fact, it also has nothing to do with marketing, technology or most other facets that make a superior real estate agent in San Diego, but that is a story for another time).   Steve Uhlir, Broker of SURE Real Estate, is involved in the negotiation of all of SURE's transactions, even for other agents. Steve's experience comes from being in the sales arena for over 20 years including holding high-level executive sales positions for Fortune 500 companies and negotiating deals in excess of $100M dollars in his career.  As well, he has negotiated highly complex real estate transactions that involved the collaboration of his team of real estate experts as you can see in many of our case studies. When choosing a listing agent make sure you choose one that can negotiate at the highest level on your behalf.

  • MARKETING your listing is done in a myriad of strategic ways. SURE's Marketing Plan is explained in detail below.
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Property Search Websites
(where your lising is likely to be seen
when you list with SURE) - Real Estate - Real Estate (Union-Tribune site)
...and more!

Technology Marketing

There is no denying that the Internet plays a very significant role in real estate sales today. According to the National Association of Realtors, 91% of home searches will begin on the Internet in 2010.  This is why it is imperative that you have a well thought out MLS listing (which is where most third-party sites pull their data and photos from) as well as a strong online presence.  With an extensive background in technology SURE has embraced technological advances and applauds the way it has advanced the practice of selling real estate.  We employ technology at every level of what we do which gives our clients an edge when listing their home with SURE. (Note: the founder of SURE, Steve Uhlir, worked in technology sector of corporate America for over a decade and was the President and Founder of a technology company, Veracom Networks, Inc.).  This experience has put SURE at the forefront of utilizing real estate technology for the benefit our our clients).

There is no better choice when listing your home in San Diego than SURE.  Our business acumen and emphasis on service is unmatched as you will see in our testimonials.

SURE's business model is very different that many other agents. The typical model is to get as many listings as an agent can. A lot of listings gives the appearance of a lot of sales, however, it also results in a lot of non-sales that you never hear about. What sellers can't see when shopping for a good listing agent is that many of the "top producers", or "listing-factories" have dozens of listings, but are only selling 5% - 10% of them. Some of the "top agents" are very good at marketing to get listings, but not always so adept at selling a high percentage of them, or giving the attention to each individual client that is necessary. Many agents will tout all their "sales", but what you never hear about is all their expired and canceled listings that did not result in a sale.

SURE's objective is to sell 100% of the listings we have...that means also selling 100% of our San Diego short sale listings! If we have to get ultra-creative, we can do that too, as can be seen in our Luxury Estate Auction process.
As Del Mar realtors, our process is to work with a limited number of home sellers at any given time so we may give FULL ATTENTION to YOUR listing. We pay close attention to detail to ensure our marketing plan is executed optimally for every home that we list in order to sell it for the most money in the shortest period of time possible. While superior marketing is essential, as we will go into further detail below, several other elements come into play when listing your home. First, we will focus on the two of the three most important elements when listing your home: PRICING and NEGOTIATION.
SURE employs a variety of technological marketing tools in our listings and our administrative processes including, Internet Marketing & Syndication, Custom Property Websites, opt-in email marketing to cooperating agents and brokers, social networking, blogging, virtual tours, digital lock boxes and administrative tools such as digital signatures to make our document flow faster and easier for our clients. To recap, here are the technology and Internet-related marketing strategies SURE employs:

  • Internet Marketing & Syndication
see Property Search websites below
  • Opt-in Email Marketing to Brokers
  • Social Networking to Promote Listings
  • Blogging to Drive Website Traffic
  • Virtual Tours
  • Digital Lock Box
  • Digital Signatures and Electronic Documents example
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Networking can be an important element of effectively marketing you listing.  As a native San Diegan, Steve has been part of the San Diego community for over four decades.  As members of many networking groups and social clubs those of us at SURE are constantly "spreading the word" on our client's behalf.  Part of our networking efforts will include meetings with cooperating brokers from various real estate firms in San Diego, attending broker pitch sessions to "pitch" individual properties, as well as conducting private broker caravans which allow agents with potential buyers to tour our listings.
Luxury Estate Auctions

In some cases, non-tradional methods are better to sell high-end real estate than a traditional listing.  The team at SURE is the only San Diego-based company that has the experience to conduct a Luxury Estate Auction.  In fact, Steve Uhlir, Broker holds multiple records for the highest priced luxury estate auction sales in San Diego County history!  Click here to learn more about out unique Luxury Estate Auction process.
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Digital Signatures and Electronic Forms

SURE Real Estate embraces technologies in many ways, including ways to make the contract signing and document flow process go as smoothly as possible.  We utilize zipForms 6 which allows us to draft amost all our contracts and disclosures in an electronic format which makes for a far more orgainized transaction.

We were also one of the first real estate companies to implement DocuSign, a state-of-the-art digital signing process that makes signing documents much more easy and convenient for our clients.  No more faxing illegible documents and printing unnecessarily or driving to an office to sign in person.  To use our DocuSign service you simply need an email address and Internet access and with a few clicks of the mouse your documents are signed and stored on a server for easy access in the future.  You don't need to have any computer's as easy as opening an email!
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  • Community Networking
  • Networking with Buyer's Agents
  • Broker Pitch Sessions
  • Broker Caravans
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