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Subdividing the Balboa Lot may be done, but it would take a discretionary action on the part of the City Council (similar to a variance).  From a lot size standpoint, the property is large enough to subdivide because the minimum lot size area on which a subdivision request would be made is the property’s Gross Lot Area.  So, with in excess of 20,000 sq. ft. of gross lot area, this property contains enough square footage for two 10,000 sq. ft. lots (the minimum lot size for the R1-10 Zone). However, there are other minimum lot dimensions applicable to the R1-10 Zone such as lot width and depth that make this a bit more complicated. As part of any application, there would have to be a request for what is known as a Suspension of Map Requirements.  The request for a Suspension of Map Requirements is a discretionary action that the Planning Commission would review and then make a recommendation on to the City Council.  Thus splitting the lot may result in two substandard lot sizes and would require City Council approval of a Suspension of Map Requirement. The City of Del Mar cannot make any guarantees that a lot split is immenent without going through the standard Planning Commission Review Process.   

Source: City of Del Mar
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